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Booking the artist.

No matter if you’re looking to have some Live Art Performance or other event engagements, you can send your request via the form below or directly at contact@eras-art.de. If you’re looking to have custom work done at the location of your chosing, like an Art Installation this is also the page for that. 

Why this request form?

Because ERAS gets alot of requests on different plattforms, we decided to channel these into one place. To give detailed information to interested parties as well as forward your requests to the artist. Understand, that ERAS might not reply to your requests and messages through social media. So if you’re really serious about working with the artist, try this form instead. 

Pricing and Delivery

Please understand that ERAS’ Art is not only very complex and time consuming, but also increasingly more valuable through demand of his Art. Therefore (as of Early 2021) his artwork generally doesn’t sell for less than 2500€. If you’re looking to book the artist for live performances or art installations the prices heavily depend on the scope of the project thus making it hard to predict in terms of cost. Just get in touch, so we can figure out how to make your thing work.

Personal information

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If you want some more detailed information and some pricing click the image or button below for a little showcase.