About Me

Marco Holzinger aka. ERAS

Hey Fam! My name is Marco Holzinger and i was born and raised in the franconian city Ansbach. As the artist “ERAS” i’m primarily known for my complex 3d graffiti sculptures. My roots lie within the classic stylewriting which led to my first graffiti scribbles and pieces in 1999. Ever since 2003 i’ve been circling between germany, austria and switzerland to follow my passion. Later i even did some murals in Queens New York and Queretaro Mexico.

In germany i have also been active with different live-performances on famous events like the “Splash!-Festival” as well as the “Afrika-Karibik-Festival”. Between 2017 and 2019 i lived and worked in Atlanta (Ga USA) and was able to form some bonds within the local artscene, which provided me with new perspectives and influences as an artist.

Having learned a technical profession as a Tool mechanic it was always very close to my heart to combine Art and handcrafts. Therefore my love for 3-dimensional graffiti and sculptures made out of styrodur was born and has ever since 2015 been my primary focus in my art. Although my entire artistic journey has been of and around graffiti and street-art, i’m constantly looking for new challenges and ideas to explore with my work.