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Buying Artwork from ERAS.

Art is to inspire and to share. It’s supposed to be enjoyed by people and that is best done in the comfort of their home or other place they like to spend time. Thus pretty much anything he does and is shown on this website and/or on social media is generally for sale.  If you’re looking to buy one of ERAS’ artwork, to hang up on that wall of yours, this is the right page for you.

Why this request form?

Because ERAS gets alot of requests on different plattforms, we decided to channel these into one place. To give detailed information to interested parties as well as forward your requests to the artist. Understand, that ERAS might not reply to your requests and messages through social media. So if you’re really serious about working with the artist, try this form instead.

Pricing and Delivery

Understand that ERAS’ Art is not only very complex and time consuming, but also increasingly more valuable through demand of his Art. Therefore (as of Early 2021) his artwork generally doesn’t sell for less than 2500€. In addition you have to anticipate varying shipping cost depending on the destination and artwork unless other arrangements have been made. If you’re looking to commision your individual piece from ERAS use the following link: Commission artwork

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If you want some more detailed information and some pricing click the image or button below for a little showcase.