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Commissioning / Custom Artwork

Through more and more hype around ERAS we get a lot of requests for commissions and custom work. To make it easier for us and you, we collected information around this topic on this website. In short: yes he does, but his limited time is very valuable he doesn’t take any commission and it’s a serious cost commitment. If you’re still interested we’re happy to answer any further questions via mail at or proceed with your request via the form below.

What happens, when i commission artwork?

If ERAS agress to take on your commission, there will be a binding contract between you and the artist. It is imperative for interested parties to understand, that this is nothing short of a business commitment. This is to ensure that both parties are protected and everybody gets what they want and be happy with it.

Pricing and Delivery

Understand that ERAS’ Art is not only very complex and time consuming, but also increasingly more valuable through demand of his Art. Therefore (as of Early 2021) his artwork generally doesn’t sell for less than 3000€. In addition you have to anticipate varying shipping cost depending on the destination and artwork unless other arrangements have been made. If you’re looking to commission your individual piece from ERAS use the text field below to tell us about your personal wishes or ideas.

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If you want some more detailed information and some pricing click the image or button below for a little showcase.